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Resources for Carers

Carer Documents

Contains important documents and information that carers need to be aware of. These may be helpful in your everyday role as carer and to ensure your right are upheld. We will endeavour to add to this list from time to time as more material is found. If you have any comments about our resources, or have any material you feel needs to be included, please contact us.

Carer Strategies

There is a vast amount of imformation out there which covers strategies and ideas to cope when your relative or friend has a mental illness. Some of this may be particularly useful to you and your circumstance, other material not as applicable. Check out these documents and let your instincts guide you in what may work.

General Information

This section covers some general information which may answer some of your questions about mental illness.

Carers' Handbook

Mental Health Carers ARAFMI has developed a handbook specifically designed for carers. This handbook offers a wide range of information that answers and clarifies of lot of questions carer and family members may have concerning mental illness. The information in this handbook is updated twice a year. If you have any comments about our handbook, or any material you feel needs to be included, please contact us.

Library Resources

Mental Health Carers ARAFMI has a large range of resources for carers. These include books, videos and other resource material. You can borrow any item from our library by becoming a member of Central Coast ARAFMI. Three items may be borrowed at any one time for a period of three weeks.

Book Reviews and Synopsis

We have many books which we are planning to submit a review or a brief synopsis. Hopefully this will provide a guide for carers who are looking for specific resources. We would welcome submissions from anyone who has come across material they consider may be helpful to others.

Articles of Interest

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