Younger Onset Dementia Social Support

YODSS is a social club for people with younger onset dementia. The group meets every week between 11am–3pm on Fridays at Yakkalla Cottage, Bateau Bay.

Central Coast Arafmi provides an inclusive social club for people with younger onset dementia

Younger Onset Dementia is the term used to describe people under the age of 65 years who have been diagnosed with a type of dementia.

The Central Coast has a welcoming and supportive social club where people who are experiencing younger onset dementia, and their loved ones, can relax with a cuppa, connect and have a laugh in the company of new friends.

Call Yakkalla to learn more on (02) 4334 3666

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The group meets every week between 11–3pm on Fridays at Yakkalla Cottage

Younger Onset Dementia Social Support

Where to find us

Yakkalla Cottage

Yakkalla Cottage is next door to Bateau Bay Fire Station, a 2 minute walk from the Bus Terminal at Bateau Bay Square Shopping Centre.

6 Community Road
Bateau Bay, NSW 2261

(02) 4334 3666


Opening Hours
Mondays to Thursday
9:00am to 3:00pm

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