The Trust Narara

Beyond the Stigma is a community and well-being program for people living with mental illness, as well as people in caring roles in the home and workplace.

Community and well-being program in Narara

As part of our core range of services and our whole of family approach to supporting those who live with or support those who live with mental illness in all its forms, we provide 3 service offerings to cater for Families and Carers across the coast in addition to our full range of programs we have in place to support your loved ones.
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The Trust—Beyond the Stigma

A community and well-being program for people living with mental illness. It is also for those who care for people impacted by mental illness, through personal experience, or by supporting a family member, friend, or colleague in their workplace.

The Trust provides safe spaces and opportunities where people can be their authentic selves, connect with others, and learn new skills in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.

Through peer-leadership and support the program builds the strengths, confidence and connections of participants with each other and the community.

The Trust relieves anxiety in social settings and helps people move forward in life. It does this through social groups, education, life skills, and creative opportunities

Who can participate in The Trust?

The Trust welcomes all adults on the Central Coast who are on a wellness journey across a broad spectrum of experiences and diagnoses, such as people with lived experience of depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, eating disorders, trauma-related or other psychological conditions. 

We also encourage people who have experienced trauma in their workplace, such as frontline workers, veterans, and their family members, to join The Trust.

NDIS participants are welcome to attend, but having an NDIS package is not a requirement to participate.

How you can get involved in The Trust

Open access days

Visit The Trust at Lerida House, Narara, for a tour, meet and chat with others, watch, listen, or take a stroll around the gardens:
- Every Monday 9:30am-12:30pm
- Every Wednesday 9:30am-2pm

Participate in group wellness activities

Café, arts, craftwork, ceramics, refurbishment/recycling, music, cooking and gardening.

Join in a shared lunch

We welcome participants to share a lunch every Wednesday—bring a plate to share, or just join in.
Cafe is also open for cappuccino's, tea and biscuits.

Online training and education sessions

Join an online or face-to-face training or education session. Previous training examples include Mental Health First Aid Certificate and Café Supervision Certificate. Visit an open access day for more information.

  • "We can see people progressing, for example some people came with a support worker at first and now they are comfortable to come on their own."
  • "We are a supportive team; we can debrief together and support each other if things get tough.”
  • “I love playing in the band, and seeing the people there, who are now my friends.”
  • “Everyone’s wonderful, helpful and friendly, the art teacher is great.”
  • “It’s a positive, happy atmosphere, I feel good and calm when I’m there.”

Find the right support for your needs.

To discuss your needs and find a program that's right for you, contact our friendly support team on (02) 4323 7731.
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